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September 21  |  ZeDay -Zero Emissions Day

Join us and Celebrate, Zero Emissions Day @Zeday It is in our hands to stop climate change and help reduce fuel emissions. Let’s join forces and make it always; Not only one day! ask us how! https://lnkd.in/gJhTp9PJ we have the solution!  #watermanagement #zeroemissions #climateactionnow

Reducing Contact  |  IWG Healthy LAV

As the aviation industry deals with the effects of the global pandemic, passenger health has never been so much in focus. As well as working to safeguard cabin hygiene measures can also have a vital role to play in making passengers feel more confident about flying. Of all areas on board, it is easy to see why the lavatory would be a key area for passenger anxiety.

International Water-Guard (IWG) has been concerned with passenger health since it began using ultraviolet (UV) light to disinfect aircraft water more than 30 years ago. The company continues to develop products that promote passenger health. Its new Healthy Lav collection includes various touchless and disinfection technologies, all designed to help business jet OEMs, luxury charter airlines, fractional ownership companies, head-of-state and other corporate jet operators meet the challenges of improving lavatory hygiene.

Sustainability Now  |  IWG Pre-Select

IWG’s Pre-Select System reduces fuel burn, carbon emissions, and the waste of fresh water on every flight. It pays for itself through the fuel savings it generates. This is a must-have for airlines that care about reducing their environmental impact and demand always better!  #climatechange #climatecrisis #sustainability #IWG #actnow #environment

International Water-Guard’s Pre-Select Intelligent Water Quantity Controller Allows Sustainability to Take Flight

Flair Airlines signs MOA with International Water-Guard Industries for the IWG Pre-Select Intelligent Water Quantity Controller for 737 Max fleet.

International Water-Guard (IWG) is pleased to announce the signing of an MOA with Flair Airlines for the installation of the Patented IWG Water Quantity Pre-Select System on Flair’s newest 737 MAX aircraft. 

“Having Flair Airlines be our launch customer for the 737-8 Pre-Select System is an honour”, said Steven Bis, President and CEO of International Water-Guard.  “Teaming up with a Canadian airline to lead the industry in sustainable operations that help reduce CO2 emissions and limit the excess use of one of our country’s valued resources, water, is exciting and demonstrates what can be achieved when companies are focused on doing the right thing, for the right reasons.”

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IWG + Aircraft Interiors and Business Interiors Magazine

Demonstrating once more that even in difficult times our creativity and endurance always persevere. At IWG will always work toward different ways to improve your well-being! Check IWG’s Healthy LAV, our latest innovation!

IWG-Lilou Carbon Fiber Faucet Collection

Innovative light-weight water system products for Lavatories and Galleys; while meeting exceptional performance and reliability requirements for well-established OEMs.

IWG also steps-it-up by offering luxurious and practical product designs for the next generation interior cabin environment for commercial airline carriers.

Join IWG in a new movement, a new era of weight savings materials offering high-strength to weight ratio materials, for the existing and new aircraft programs.


Environmentally conscious, easy to operate, Water + Weight + Data Management all in one device. Introducing; the new intelligent water quantity Pre-Select System specially designed for Boeing 737NG – 600 through – 900ER family aircraft.

Sustainable and digital onboard solutions will be the approach for the aerospace industry in the foreseeable future. Helping the industry to return to where they were before pandemic times while facing the reality of Climate Change is a must.

IWG’s Pre-Select system will move the needle towards a more eco-friendly way of flying while reducing fuel burn and carbon footprint substantially and contributing to significant savings.

A sustainable approach that will drive revenues and reduce costs by delivering greater efficiencies

IWG defining the future of Business and VIP jets aviation!

In the wake of the pandemic practicing social distancing and avoiding the risk of touching anything around us is the most secure way to protect ourselves and others.

IWG Touch-less and Gesture Recognition technology along IWG disinfection components, not only will allow for passengers to be safe but also to provide a reliable and protected travel time.
IWG-Lilou Carbon Fibre faucet collection: It is light, elegant, and secure.

Exceptional Water en Route!

Thirsty for more?

International Water-Guard (IWG) aims to enhance its capabilities by providing airline passengers with a glass of refreshing, pure, and safe water.

Our ultraviolet light unit, IWG-UVL1, has garnered interest from airlines in a post-COVID-19 future for its capacity to treat water and when combined with their Passenger Water Dispenser (PWD), IWG can offer a chemical-free, clean water to all passengers. 

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Stronger Together

We are Engaged  |  We are Leaders

International Water-Guard strongly believes that people are the driving force behind its success. IWG-members and its basic principles (values) are a constant companion and help us to be stronger especially in the current times.

Today we are:

Engaged: We are driven to do our best and Continually improved.

Leaders:  We all lead by example; responsibly and with a genuine passion for what we do.

On May 12, 2020, our Director of Quality and Technical Projects Manager, Kris Ramachandran, with IWG’s full support, made an important donation to two major hospitals within our amazing community of Surrey. 

1. Peace Arch hospital: We donated 21 boxes of Cliff Energy Bars which were received by Jennifer. Kindly thanking us for the contribution.

2. Surrey Hospital:  We were received by Jane Adams (President and CEO of Surrey Hospital Foundation) and the Director of Charitable and Legacy gifts. – to whom we delivered the vast majority of our 56 boxes of Cliff bars to help support their Night Shift nurses who no longer have a cafeteria to eat at and so they provide food baskets to their 24 staff rooms every night. The good news is that they showed Kris their boardroom filled with mostly pop and water. There were not any real solids that they had donations for and so our energy bars would indeed go a long way and they were delighted.

Pictures were taken and they were kind enough to give us a nice letter and a memento. Jane and Yolanda were very interested in our company and surprised and happy to know that we did UV related water disinfection treatment units. Time will tell when a nice opportunity for us could be to invite them over to our facility.

Last but not the least, although it was not planned, our donation was great timing as it was International Nurses Day.

Big thank you to IWG for its constant support and to all IWG-members who kindly help in the preparation of these boxes proven once more that we are stronger together.

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