IWG-M1 Unit - photo

The IWG-M1 Compact Water Module

When size matters, look to the IWG-M1 for the smallest and lightest water module in the business aviation market. Currently International Water-Guard’s first compact water module, the IWG-M1 incorporates a high level of innovation.

This sophisticated new product delivers pressurized hot and cold water to an aircraft’s lavatory vanity or galley faucets. It is made up of a pressurized pump, water heater, motorized /manual drain valve and a system controller.

Designed for safe and simple operations, the IWG-M1 is ideal for commercial and business aircraft. The module has self-diagnostics, can be controlled and monitored remotely, and is disinfectant friendly. The IWG-M1 is also designed to deliver 0.5 US GPM (1.9 lpm) of cold and hot water at a pressure of 35 psig with three selectable hot water temperatures (100F, 115F, and 125F.)

The IWG-M1 benefits for any business aircraft are:

  • Compact – our compact water module fits in tight spaces like galley cabinets, in bulkheads, and lavatory sink cabinets.
  • Lightweight – we guarantee that the module is the lightest and smallest on the market, weighing only 9.8 lbs.
  • Innovative – the module includes remote monitoring, control capability and active freeze protection.
  • Easy to Maintain – The IWG-M1 requires minimal maintenance and is easy to operate electric or manual drain.

The IWG-M1 has been selected for standard installations on Bombardier’s Challenger 350 through FACC and is suitable for other business jet and airliner type aircraft.

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