The IWG Mission and Vision

At International Water-Guard, we make it our top priority to deliver innovative aircraft water solutions to the business and commercial aviation markets. To accomplish this, IWG’s leading-edge team maintains a shared commitment to our company mission and vision statements. These statements are instilled into each department at IWG to ensure we have exceeded our customers’ needs and expectations.

Company Vision

“We create the world’s best aircraft water”

Company Mission

“By delivering the world’s best products that protect, control, and monitor water, we guarantee every business person, celebrity, head-of-state, and vacation traveler will experience exceptional water.”


IWG Values



Our word is our bond – We do what we say we are going to do. Unwavering trust: it takes years to build, and a second to lose.


We respect all people. We are all unique and offer something different. We listen and learn from each other, and we are honest, transparent, and respectful in our communications.


We are driven to do our best and continually improve. We challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort of “that’s the way we’ve always done things.” We put in a strong genuine effort to do our best every day, we strive to always improve.


Exceptional quality requires uncompromised integrity from everyone. Our decisions are clear, impartial, and rational; and we consider the lasting impact of our actions on the environment.


We all lead by example; responsibly, and with genuine passion for what we do.

IWG Values  |   Who we are



Prioritize Safety of people and products


Build ethical relationships


Create lasting Stakeholder value


Develop innovative and relevant products


Remember to enjoy what you do

IWG Values  |   What we do