Drinking water from any point of use on an aircraft is now possible!

Introducing UV-C LED Technology

A lightweight, low power and easy to install water treatment component that makes point of use water treatment a reality.

With the UVL1, IWG introduces its first UV-V LED component, continuing our role as the aviation industry’s leader in water treatment devices for aircraft.

IWG’s newest water treatment component IWG-UVL1, was developed using UV-C LED technology and designed for point of use treatment applications. The unit’s controller provides optimized LED power activation to achieve up to 4,300 hours of treatment and ensure the safety of aircraft water for up to five years or more depending upon the amount of water served.

The UVL1 controller has Power Efficiency Administration, intelligent EMI reduction, and monitors water flow, dosage, operation hours and abnormal conditions.

The UVL1 was tested at an independent dosimetric testing laboratory that confirmed the unit produces UV-C LED dosage equivalent to an NSF 55 Class B at 1 gpm

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