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Water Weight Management  |  Pre-Select #NetZero2050

Overall aviation accounts for 2-3% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Phasing off from fossil fuels and reaching out our Net Zero Green House Emissions Goal before 2050 asks for real solutions today!

In addition:

  • Thinking of processes as being simple and predictable is not an accurate assumption.
    They can be evaluated and adjusted, bringing incredible and positive results
    Human actions and processes are behind the rapid deterioration of the planet.
    Also, have the capability to stop and restore
  • BioFuel is still under development
    Given the ongoing development of today’s Biofuels might not be aligned with the urgent environmental needs of our planet
  • Today’s SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) forecast presents an extensive waiting period for readability, technology development, coordination, and regulatory actions to work at scale.

While this scenario is up to par with the aviation industry sustainability goal IWG already has the right and proven solution called IWG Pre-Select System. IWG balances growth with environmental responsibility calling for adjustments to current operational procedures. IWG Pre-Select System offers a ready to install solution that significantly reduces CO2 emissions and fuel burn by saving up to 400 pounds of water weight per flight. Embracing transitions such as this provides time for BioFuels to be developed and they will still be in an operational state once these new technologies are paired with our it enhancing their performance.

Here is how!