IWG Part Number List

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IWG-M1 Compact Water Module 09-500000-002
IWG-ES7 5Kw On-Demand Water Heater 09-220005-001
IWG-ES7 10Kw On-Demand Water Heater 09-220010-001
IWG-ES7 12Kw On-Demand Water Heater 09-220012-001
IWG-ES7 15Kw On-Demand Water Heater 09-220015-001
IWG-ES7 18Kw On-Demand Water Heater 09-220018-001
IWG T-Series 5Kw Tankless Water Heater 09-260005-001
IWG T-Series 10Kw Tankless Water Heater 09-260010-001
IWG T-Series 12Kw Tankless Water Heater 09-260012-001
IWG T-Series 15Kw Tankless Water Heater 09-260015-001
IWG T-Series 18Kw Tankless Water Heater 09-260018-001
IWG-ES9 10Kw On-Demand Water Heater 09-240110-101
IWG-UV1 Water Treatment Unit 09-130221-103
IWG-A4 Water Treatment Unit 09-120121-104
IWG-A4 Auxiliary Indicator Panel 09-120022-001
NPS-A6 Water Treatment Unit 09-130021-102
NPS-A6 Auxiliary Indicator Panel 09-11002-01
NPS-A3 Water Treatment Unit 9-11021-01
NPS-A2 Water Treatment Unit 9-1001-02
Pressure Pump 9-30001-02
Pressure Pump with Horizontal Port 09-300101-002
Variable Frequency Pump 9-30011-01
Circulating Pump 9-31001-01