IWG-PWD - photo

Feauturing the latest IWG’s safe drinking water solution. IWG Passenger Water Dispenser (PWD).

IWG-PWD allows passengers to serve themselves safe drinking water during flight without entering the working area of the galley. Filtered and treated water will begin to flow when a passenger activates a button on a touch panel.

The module disinfects water from the aircraft tanks using the latest UV-LED disinfection technology. The dispenser also include a filtration system for water taste improvement and odour elimination. The combination of mechanical filtration and UV disinfection is the most effective method for providing excellent quality and safe drinking water to passengers while in flight. Unlike traditional filters alone, the IWG-PWD is effective against pathogens, viruses, cysts, and cryptosporidium; and unlike ozonation and reverse osmosis, it does not create hazardous by-products.


  • Combine of UV-C LED disinfection and filtration for maximum protection, taste improvement and odour removal.
  • UV treatment level complies with NSF 55 fro drinking water, welted materials compliant to NSF 61.
  • Utilizes water from the on board water system, simplifying the logistics of making safe and palatable water available to passengers.
  • Potential for cost and weight savings by reducing bottled water on-board.
  • Intelligent monitoring provides information on use and time left to replace the filter.
  • designed for minimal schreduled maintenance removal with easy access to the system components.
  • Quick release filter cartridge design to facilitate fast replacement – no tools required.
  • Low power consumption with power management to activate UV only during flow.

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