Product Line Overview

International Water-Guard Industries Inc. (IWG) is the world’s leading provider of flight-certified water treatment units and specialized aircraft water system components.

IWG can address all your potable water system needs, from water treatment units to components such as pumps, on-demand water heaters, tanks or structural details, and complete water systems including control technology.

IWG currently manufactures five water-treatment models: the NPS-A6IWG-UV1IWG-UV2IWG-A4  and NPS-A3, for water flow rates from 4 US gpm down to 1US gpm (multiples may be used for higher flow rates). It is still possible to order the original NPS-A2, although this product is effectively retired.

The IWG series are our latest designs, incorporating enhanced control and monitoring. The NPS-A6 are the current standard on many high-end business jets. Some units ultraviolet light to treat water, and are benchmarked to the National Sanitation Foundation’s highest irradiation threshold (Standard 55, Class A-40mw/cm2)

In addition to our flagship line of water treatment units, IWG has been offering: the IWG-ES Series of on-demand water heaters for aircraft. These water heaters are optimized for high flow requirements of hot water, and are typically used for aircraft showers and VIP galleys and have been supplied to the aerospace industry for more than 10 years.

IWG has recently launched a new and improved on-demand water heater known as the IWG T-Series Tankless Water Heater, which provide customers with a lighter and smaller option. The T-Series heaters feature a water inlet/outlet, RS-485 communication and full DO160G.

And last but not least, The IWG-HE Water Heater Series a family of heaters featuring revolutionary new technologies designed to replace existing “cartridge” style lavatory heaters on aircraft.

SAVE UP TO 400 POUNDS PER FLIGHT with IWG’s Water Quantity Pre-Select System. Today you are closer than ever to reach your #NetZero2050 goal find more here IWG Pre-Select.

Safeguard the health of all those on board by improving lavatory hygiene with our touchless and disinfection technology IWG Healthy Lavatory.

For enhanced water system performance, IWG offers a line of reliable Water Pumps, compact aircraft water modules IWG-M1 and IWG-M2. Various models may be used as either the primary pressure source in a potable water system, or as a booster pump for special applications. In the category of Water distribution we also offer our incredible light Motor Operated Valve IWG-FW Valve

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