IWG Team

IWG’s team is comprised of a highly talented and energetic group of aviation and water industry professionals. Each member brings a unique set of skills, experience, and perspective to our team, helping make IWG the global leader in aircraft water treatment and innovative water system solutions.

At IWG, customer service is our first priority and is the key driver to all aspects of our day-to-day operations. To this end, our team at IWG ensures to answer questions, process requests, and ship products in a timely and professional manner. This dedication to service also extends to our highly qualified and experienced engineers and product technicians, who design and manufacture innovative products with precision and accuracy. Through our customer service commitment, IWG has developed close working relationships with the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers and completion centers.

Together, each department at IWG, values our relationships with customers and will go above and beyond to meet their needs.