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UVC-LED and its role against COVID-19

Here is an article on one of the many avenues to consider in the Aviation industry’s battle to combat COVID-19. UV disinfection of water.

As we collectively embark on a new quest to make air travel healthier for our passengers, with efforts to maintain a sterile cabin, social distancing on flights, and increased screening of passengers for potential symptoms, a key component to include in our risk assessment is Potable Water.

Be it at Airport water fountains, water used on-board for coffee, or water served to passengers to keep them hydrated, it is imperative that we be cognizant that water must be disinfected at the Point Of Use ( POU), as it is the last contact point right before consumption.

UV-C radiations from LEDs at a wavelength of 260-270 nm work by inactivating the DNA of the virus rendering them futile to further proliferation and consequently eliminate the potential for human infections. The most pivotal potential of UV-Cs is their proven efficacy in disabling other strains of Coronavirus including MERS and SARS.

IWG is introducing, the IWG Passenger Water Dispenser (PWD) aimed at eliminating contamination at touch points while keeping passengers hydrated with water disinfected by UV-C LEDs at Point Of Use.

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