NPS-A6 Unit - photo

The NPS-A6 Potable Water Treatment Unit

The patented NPS-A6 potable water treatment unit is the latest result of IWG’s more than 30 years’ experience in designing flight-certified water treatment technology.

With a flow rate of up to 4 US gallons per minute, a single NPS-A6 can provide basic water treatment for an entire Boeing 737 or Airbus A320.

With a small size (12.2” x 10.4” x 4.4”) and a light weight (10.4 lbs) in a robust stainless steel structure, the NPS-A6 combines powerful ultraviolet technology with an easily replaceable filter cartridge to produce clean, pure water from onboard supplies. In effect, the NPS-A6 is a compact airborne water treatment plant.

A choice of activated carbon or sediment filtration is available to meet the needs of different applications. The standard 5-micron activated carbon filter removes particulate matter, and dissolved matter such as heavy metals, volatile organics compounds and chlorine that contribute to objectionable taste and odor. The optional sediment filter removes particulate matter only, but is recommended for some installations.

Advanced monitoring functions are built into the NPS-A6 for fail safe operation in all flight regimes. Information on its operational status is displayed to the crew via an auxiliary indicator panel or through an interface with the CMS.

The NPS-A6 has been selected for standard factory installations by both Bombardier (Global 5000, Global Express XRS) and Gulfstream (G500, G550), and is suitable for retro-fit to a wide range of other business jet and airliner type aircraft.

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