State of the art technology that allows safe drinking water to be served from cabin points of use

The IWG-UV3 Potable Water Treatment Unit

Ensure safe, clean water on board no matter where your aircraft flies in the world

IWG-UV3 water treatment device has been designed exclusively for installation for Gulfstream’s newest large-cabin, long-range business jets programs – G500, G600, and G650.

For over 20 years IWG has been a proud supplier of water treatment technology to Gulfstream. IWG-UV3 is part of the list of components that help this successful company to constantly evolve and be one of the leading innovators in Business Aircraft.

The IWG-UV3 incorporates a new modular design, allowing many water system product configurations to be developed from common building blocks. It also has the enhanced self-monitoring capability available in IWG’s latest water treatment units. While ensuring that necessary ultraviolet light is produced to treat the aircraft’s water supply, its self-monitoring system also scans for a range of fault conditions, which can be reported to a cabin management system through industry-standard data protocols.

The IWG-UV3 is a standard on all G650’s and is the company’s newest and most advanced product, protecting passengers and crew from waterborne contaminants as they travel the world.

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