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Healthy Lavatory Components

In the dynamic landscape of the post-pandemic and the aviation industry, the spotlight is firmly on passenger health, a primary concern that demands unprecedented attention. Recognizing that enhanced cabin hygiene not only safeguards health but also booster’s passenger confidence, International Water-Guard (IWG) has directed its attention towards passenger anxiety. The Lavatory!

Over three decades, IWG pioneered the use of ultraviolet (UV) light to treat aircraft water. From that day forward, IWG has remained at the forefront of innovation. Channelling its efforts toward passenger and crew-centric solutions. A testament to this commitment is IWG’s feature offering and groundbreaking IWG “Healthy Lav” – a suite of products integrating touchless and disinfection technologies designed to meet the challenges of elevating lavatory hygiene standards.

Numerous studies underscore the dual benefits of improving cabin hygiene: not only does it safeguard health, but also acts as a powerful catalyst in boosting passenger confidence to travel. IWG ‘s “Healthy Lav” offering aligns seamlessly with these findings, providing a comprehensive solution to enhance the safety and well-being of passengers.