List of Acronyms

AMO Approved Maintenance Organization
ANSI American National Standards Institute
BOM Bill of Materials
CAD Computer Assisted Design
CDR Critical Design Review
CMS Cabin Management System
C-PWS Circulating Potable Water System
DMC Direct Maintenance Cost
EASA European Aviation Safety Agency
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FAI First Article Inspection
FRACAS Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System
GPM Gallons Per Minute
HALT Highly Accelerated Life Testing
HASS Highly Accelerated Stress Screening
ICD Interface Control Drawing
IWG International Water-Guard Industries Inc.
JDP Joint Definition Phase
LRU Line Replaceable Unit
M-PWS Mini Potable Water System
MRP Material Requirements Planning
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTBUR Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removal
NCR Non-Conforming Product Report
NSF National Sanitation Foundation
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PSIG Pounds per Square Inch Gauge
PMO Program Management Office
PWS Potable Water System
QA Quality Assurance
QMS Quality Management System
RFP Request for Proposal
SCM Supply Chain Manager
STC Supplemental Type Certificate
TBD To Be Determined
TCCA Transport Canada Civil Aviation
USG U.S. Gallon
UV Ultraviolet
VAC Volts, Alternating Current
VDC Volts, Direct Current
WBS Work Breakdown Schedule
WTU Water Treatment Unit