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Climate Action  | Earth Day 50Th anniversary

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth day, our planet is taking a pause.

In these extraordinary times, people and businesses are in the process of adapting and changing, and with this new pattern of behaviour, we are creating a visible impact on the environment.

We have witnessed how our emissions have dropped, smog has significantly reduced, and even, in some cases, how nature delightfully showed up and spread rapidly without boundaries and/or restrictions.

This is the moment of understanding the importance of coexisting with nature. We have the power to shape global health, and our success will be measured by how we will manage this power to develop solutions and forge tomorrow’s path for future generations.

International Water-Guard’s commitment to the future provides immediate solutions to these immediate challenges with powerful water treatment units such as IWG-UVL1 eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and contributing to eradicate the use and disposal of bottled water, or our electronic Water Quantity Pre-Select System which will save weight, reduce fuel burn, and cut down carbon emissions from commercial aircraft. Let us help you shift towards a more sustainable world. Let us help you lead the industry!#iwg #earthday2020

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