Save 400lbs on every flight!

IWG’s Water Quantity Pre-Select System

New intelligent Water Quantity Pre-Select System for Boeing 737-600 / 700 / 800 / 900ER / 8 family aircraft.

The system enables airline flight crews to accurately control the amount of water loaded into the aircraft, in 5% increments, to reduce unnecessary weight and therefore save fuel. It also records the amount of water used on each flight, informing airlines’ future level-setting by city pairings with corresponding data. An additional benefit on this patent approved Pre-Select System is that it requires no changes to operations for the ground crew, and minimal, intuitive training for flight crews.


  • The Pre-Select Panel is a Touch Screen located in the aft galley with no decals or buttons
  • Allows you to instantly and precisely “preselect” desired water upload quantity prior to each flight, in five percent (5%) increments
  • It stores the data on water quantity at takeoff and landing, and the data is instantly available
  • It has an SD card slot for expandable memory
  • It has an optional GSM with SIM card module that can be enabled to extract the data, and potential for Bluetooth if preferred.
  • The Graphic Display and Touch interface in the Panel are IWG Proprietary design, meaning the System is immune to obsolescence

The system is a logical solution for any airline focused on cutting down unnecessary weight and fuel-burn, reduce fuel expenses, and develop real ecological and sustainable initiatives. 

International Water-Guard Industries inc. is awarded a Transport Canada STC for their Intelligent Water Quantity Pre-Select ” Fuel Saver” System.

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