IWG’s Water Quantity Pre-Select System

New intelligent Water Quantity Pre-Select System for Boeing 737-600 / 700 / 800 family aircraft.

The system enables airline flight crews to accurately control the amount of water loaded into the aircraft, in 5% increments, to reduce unnecessary weight and therefore save fuel. It also records the amount of water used on each flight, informing airlines’ future level-setting by city pairings with corresponding data. An additional benefit on this patent-pending Pre-Select System is that it requires no changes to operations for the ground crew, and minimal, intuitive training for flight crews.


  • The Pre-Select Panel is a Touch Screen located in the aft galley  with no decals or buttons
  • Allows you to instantly and precisely “preselect” desired water upload quantity prior to each flight, in five percent (5%) increments
  • It stores the data on water quantity at takeoff and landing, and the data remains available for later analysis
  • It has an SD card slot for expandable memory
  • It has an optional GSM with SIM card module that can be enabled to extract the data, and potential for Bluetooth if preferred.
  • The Graphic Display and Touch interface in the Panel are IWG Proprietary design, meaning the System is immune to obsolescence

With increasing global demand for air travel and escalating jet fuel prices that account for a significant portion of airlines’ operating expenses, this system is a logical solution for any airline focused on reducing unnecessary weight to reduce fuel-burn

International Water-Guard Industries inc. is awarded a Transport Canada STC for their Interlligent Water Quantity Pre-Select ” Fuel Saver” System.

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