The IWG-A4 Potable Water Treatment Unit

The New Generation of UV Water Treatment

The IWG-A4 is the first of a new generation of “intelligent” ultraviolet water treatment units. This new product was designed with advanced capabilities to match the current and anticipated future requirements of the aviation industry.

Advanced Self-Monitoring Capabilities

The IWG-A4’s self-monitoring and communications capabilities include checking to ensure that adequate UV light is being produced to keep the aircraft’s water clean and safe for everyone onboard, as well as the ability to communicate with any cabin or maintenance environment. It performs a variety of diagnostics to ensure that all aspects of the unit are functioning, and meets rigorous environmental test standards in accordance with DO-160E.

A Fit for Any Aircraft

The IWG-A4 is lightweight, robust, and is easy to maintain. The modular unit is easily removable, keeping maintenance and downtime to a minimum. The light weight and small size of this product make it suitable for any aircraft with an active water system. For commercial aircraft, this product can easily be installed in galleys, providing UV protection close to the point of use for passengers and crew.

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