IWG-M2 Unit - photo

IWG-M2 Compact Water Module

Designed for simple, intuitive operation, the IWG-M2 delivers pressurized cold water to an aircraft’s lavatory vanity or galley at 2 litres per minute (0.5 gpm).

The IWG-M2 comes with a configurable faucet that features an electrical push button to activate the flow. The flow is electronically timed, and the timing adjustable depending on the end-user’s requirements.

The tank is available in different water volumens and is configurable for any installation. It features easy access for cleaning, a large ergonomic spout for easy in-situ filling or for draining and a convenient carry handle.

The system can be automatically purged with the press of a button for added convenience.

Manufactured using materials that meet NSF61 – the IWG-MW is safe, robust and disinfectant resistant.

IWG can design and manufacture any integration and retention equipment that may be required for your installation.

View the IWG-M2 Unit Data sheet. Contact us directly to learn more.