International Water-Guard (IWG) Healthy Lav Touchless Faucet Kit

The Touchless Faucet Kit is part of IWG’s innovative Healthy LAV offering – a simple and effective way of increasing on-board lavatory hygiene, enhancing passenger confidence and comfort. The Touchless operation of the lavatory faucet.

IWG’s Healthy Lav Touchless products have been designed to be applicable to multiple platforms with ease of integration as a core principle.

All the touchless components are powered by the IWG Lavatory Control Module (LCM) meaning that only one new power input into the lavatory is required. Also, if suitable located, existing panel cut-outs can be reused.

This makes these products ideal for retrofit as well as line-fit applications.

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View IWG_HealthyLAV Flush_DataSheet

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Healthy Lavatory Components
Faucet Control Valve Lavatory Control Module
Shut Off Valve 4-Way Valve
Faucet Infrared Sensor/ Faucet Piezo Switch Flush Kit
Touchless Faucet IWG-UVL1
HE Heater (High Efficiency) IWG-Soap Dispenser