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UVL1 a real game-changer for the aerospace industry.

Showing what is next! IWG revolutionizing water consumption

Today’s reality demands a new set of parameters and guidelines.

For the aerospace industry, global hygiene standards will be the new starting point and the right way to keep moving forward.

With 30 years of experience and a wide selection of effective and reliable products IWG is leading the industry and facing new realities with absolute confidence.

What is next for passengers? simple, effective, and reliable technology. Featuring our powerful IWG-UVL1. A powerful unit that emits ultraviolet energy within the UV-C spectrum using LED lights.

The unit disinfects 99.99% of the water from viruses and bacteria without the use of chemicals protecting passengers/crew and the aircraft. All pathogens that may be in the water supply will absorb the UV light, making them unable to reproduce scrambling of the genetic code in the nucleus. As a result, drinkable disinfected water. The best part of it all, the unit is installed just right before the spigot of a faucet minimizing any chance of contamination between the waterline and passenger.

Read more about it at PAX International Magazine, May 2020 edition: Amenities & Comfort digital issue page 2 and 16 here.

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