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IWG-UV1 successfully passes RTCA/DO-160G test

International Water-Guard (IWG) is pleased to announce that its latest water treatment unit – the IWG-UV1 – has successfully completed RTCA/DO-160G testing. This is an exceptional accomplishment for IWG because it validates that the IWG-UV1 design complies with airworthiness standards. In addition, the IWG-UV1 unit is in the process of being certified as part of an FAA Project for a Boeing 787 VVIP Interior Completion.

“The IWG-UV1 is in a class of its own, and ensures that every passenger on board has safe, clean potable water,” says David Pohl, Director of Engineering.

Completing an RTCA/DO-160G test is no easy feat. The IWG-UV1 was assessed for nearly two weeks at certified testing labs and underwent 16 rigorous RTCA/DO-160G tests from a variety of categories, some of which included vibration, humidity, electromagnetic interference (EMI) and crash safety. The result? A successful IWG water treatment unit with no noted faults, anomalies, or test failures.

It’s no question that the IWG-UV1 is durable and reliable – but it’s list of features doesn’t stop there.

“The IWG-UV1 requires minimum maintenance,” says Jaewook Jeong, Mechanical Designer, who managed the development of the IWG-UV1 unit.  “It’s smart and simple – all you need to do is supply power. It also communicates to the cabin management system by using RS 485 data communication.”

IWG is excited to introduce the IWG-UV1 as an innovative product to the business aviation market. For over 30 years, IWG has been the leading supplier of potable water treatment units, and their product offering also includes tankless water heaters, aircraft water pumps, and a compact water module. To learn more about the IWG-UV1 click here.

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