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International Water-Guard (IWG) aims to enhance its capabilities by providing airline passengers with a glass of refreshing, pure, and safe water.

Our ultraviolet light unit, IWG-UVL1, has garnered interest from airlines in a post-COVID-19 future for its capacity to treat water and when combined with their Passenger Water Dispenser (PWD), IWG can offer a chemical-free, clean water to all passengers. 

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Stronger Together

We are Engaged  |  We are Leaders

International Water-Guard strongly believes that people are the driving force behind its success. IWG-members and its basic principles (values) are a constant companion and help us to be stronger especially in the current times.

Today we are:

Engaged: We are driven to do our best and Continually improved.

Leaders:  We all lead by example; responsibly and with a genuine passion for what we do.

On May 12, 2020, our Director of Quality and Technical Projects Manager, Kris Ramachandran, with IWG’s full support, made an important donation to two major hospitals within our amazing community of Surrey. 

1. Peace Arch hospital: We donated 21 boxes of Cliff Energy Bars which were received by Jennifer. Kindly thanking us for the contribution.

2. Surrey Hospital:  We were received by Jane Adams (President and CEO of Surrey Hospital Foundation) and the Director of Charitable and Legacy gifts. – to whom we delivered the vast majority of our 56 boxes of Cliff bars to help support their Night Shift nurses who no longer have a cafeteria to eat at and so they provide food baskets to their 24 staff rooms every night. The good news is that they showed Kris their boardroom filled with mostly pop and water. There were not any real solids that they had donations for and so our energy bars would indeed go a long way and they were delighted.

Pictures were taken and they were kind enough to give us a nice letter and a memento. Jane and Yolanda were very interested in our company and surprised and happy to know that we did UV related water disinfection treatment units. Time will tell when a nice opportunity for us could be to invite them over to our facility.

Last but not the least, although it was not planned, our donation was great timing as it was International Nurses Day.

Big thank you to IWG for its constant support and to all IWG-members who kindly help in the preparation of these boxes proven once more that we are stronger together.

UVL1 a real game-changer for the aerospace industry.

Showing what is next! IWG revolutionizing water consumption

Today’s reality demands a new set of parameters and guidelines.

For the aerospace industry, global hygiene standards will be the new starting point and the right way to keep moving forward.

With 30 years of experience and a wide selection of effective and reliable products IWG is leading the industry and facing new realities with absolute confidence.

What is next for passengers? simple, effective, and reliable technology. Featuring our powerful IWG-UVL1. A powerful unit that emits ultraviolet energy within the UV-C spectrum using LED lights.

The unit treats water without the use of chemicals protecting passengers/crew and the aircraft.

As a result, drinkable treated water! The best part of it all, the unit is installed just right before the spigot of a faucet minimizing any chance of contamination between the waterline and passenger.

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Climate Action  | Earth Day 50Th anniversary

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth day, our planet is taking a pause.

In these extraordinary times, people and businesses are in the process of adapting and changing, and with this new pattern of behaviour, we are creating a visible impact on the environment.

We have witnessed how our emissions have dropped, smog has significantly reduced, and even, in some cases, how nature delightfully showed up and spread rapidly without boundaries and/or restrictions.

This is the moment of understanding the importance of coexisting with nature. We have the power to shape global health, and our success will be measured by how we will manage this power to develop solutions and forge tomorrow’s path for future generations.

International Water-Guard’s commitment to the future provides immediate solutions to these immediate challenges with powerful water treatment units such as IWG-UVL1 eliminating 99.99% of bacteria and viruses and contributing to eradicate the use and disposal of bottled water, or our electronic Water Quantity Pre-Select System which will save weight, reduce fuel burn, and cut down carbon emissions from commercial aircraft. Let us help you shift towards a more sustainable world. Let us help you lead the industry!#iwg #earthday2020

UVC-LED as water treatment unit

As we collectively embark on a new quest to make air travel healthier for our passengers, with efforts to maintain a sterile cabin, social distancing on flights, and increased screening of passengers for potential symptoms, a key component to include in our risk assessment is Potable Water.

Be it at Airport water fountains, water used on-board for coffee, or water served to passengers to keep them hydrated, it is imperative that we be cognizant that water must be treated at the Point Of Use (POU), as it is the last contact point right before consumption.

UV-C radiations from LEDs at a wavelength of 260-270 nm impact water and work as a treatment for the precious liquid.

Introducing, the IWG Passenger Water Dispenser (PWD) aimed as a water treatment unit at touch points while keeping passengers hydrated and safe.

We are all in this together

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting families, communities, businesses, and everybody’s way of life. During this unprecedented period of uncertainty, IWG would like to reach out and update our community on how we are approaching the situation.

First and foremost, our heart goes out to anyone who is been impacted by illness caused by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our most sincere wishes for a speedy recovery to all those who are sick. We would also like to greatly thank the selfless healthcare workers around the world who are on the front-line toiling tirelessly to take care of people in need. Also, many thanks to the countless others whose contribution is so vital at this time for keeping us fed, connected and powered.

We are dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, families and communities. Many of our team are now working from home and those that are on-site are strictly adhering to the social distancing and other protocols and restrictions in place to keep them, and everyone, safe. Regardless of being on-site or working from home, we will continue to provide our full support to our customers, business partners, suppliers and community and strive to deliver the highest levels of performance.

For 30 years IWG has been developing and delivering water products to the aviation industry that protect the health of passengers and crew.  As we deal with this crisis, our team remains focused on that mandate to protect both passengers and crew from the risk of waterborne illness by listening to the needs of the industry.

 What steps would you like to see?

Steven Bis  |  President IWG

Boeing’s Aviall Announces Agreements with Major International Suppliers

Farnborough, United Kingdom, July 18, 2018

International Water-Guard signed and exclusive distribution agreement with Aviall, A Boeing Company, for its Lavatory Water Heater which fit Boeing 737, 747, 767 and 777 fleets.

The ceremonial signing took place on Tuesday July 17, and the press release came out Wednesday July 18, 2018. Here the Press Release

For over 30 years, International Water-Guard (IWG) has been providing exceptional potable water system components to the aerospace industry.
Operating from our headquarters in Surrey, British Columbia, IWG is recognized as the world’s leading provider of flight-certified potable water ultraviolet treatment units, on-demand water heaters, water control devices, aircraft water pumps, compact water modules, and innovative potable water components.

“We’re recognized as the leader in specialized water system components not only because of our innovative products and leading technology, but because we back up everything with exceptional customer service”

Purchasing an exceptional water system component from IWG doesn’t end at delivery. We stand behind every product. Every order comes with exceptional customer service as standard.

IWG attends Aircraft Interiors Expo USA, Dubai Airshow 2015, and NBAA 2015

November 2015 will be a busy month for International Water-Guard as the team gears up for three trade shows back-to-back.

IWG will kicks things off at Aircraft Interiors Expo in Seattle, Washington on November 4-5 to discover the latest trends in the airline industry. IWG regularly attends the German version of the AIE show, but with the expo right in IWG’s backyard, it’s sure not to be missed.

Directly after AIE USA, Giles Lapierre, Director of Sales and Marketing, will travel to United Arab Emirates for the Dubai Airshow from November 8 – 12.  “Dubai Airshow is a good opportunity for IWG to introduce our new generation water system components for airline, business, and military applications,” says Lapierre. “The Middle East is an ever-growing market that IWG is keen to explore.”

Following the Dubai Airshow, is the annual National Business Aviation Conference in Las Vegas from November 17 – 19. At NBAA this year IWG will be focusing on bringing UV water treatment to the forefront, as it is an important component to any business aircraft’s water system. “This show is always a positive one for IWG where a lot of our customers attend,” says Lapierre. IWG’s innovative solutions have expanded with the new T-Series Tankless Water Heater and the IWG-M1 Compact Water Module. For NBAA 2015, IWG will debut its latest UV water treatment unit – the IWG-UV1, which keeps on-board water safe and clean for passenger anywhere they travel in the world. Visit our booth #N3729 to view our product offering.

IWG ships the first T-Series Tankless Water Heater

It’s officially left the building…On June 29th 2015 the first IWG T-Series Tankless Water Heater was shipped to Associated Air Center for installation on a Boeing 787.

“This accomplishment was collectively executed by a hardworking and creative team of professionals.  We are all proud to know that the entire development of IWG’s newest tankless water heater was a technical success and met the customer’s delivery schedule,” said David Pohl, Director of Engineering.

The T-Series was initially launched to the market at the annual National Business Aviation Association Conference in October 2014. The T-Series is the ideal component for onboard showers and high demand galley complexes, and it’s key attributes are it’s lightweight build in a small package while producing on demand hot water flow. Since the T-Series debut, IWG has received very positive responses from the VIP completion centers.

To learn more about the T-Series Tankless Water Heater, click here.

IWG attends Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015: The Recap

Hamburg, Germany was the place to be from April 14th – April 16th.


Simply stated: it was the annual Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX). This show is a leading aircraft interiors event, boasting over 800 airline buyers, 500+ leading aircraft interiors suppliers, and approximately 14,000 attendees all in one place. International Water-Guard was one of many exhibiting companies at the conference and has shown their dedication at AIX for nine years.

“Overall, IWG had a successful show in Hamburg. Our customers were excited to meet us there and we can expect to see some great opportunities and projects in the future,” says Gerald Eiers, VP Business Development. “We will definitely be back next year.”

AIX is an ideal event to network with key contacts not only in the business aviation market, but also in the airline industry – essentially it is the best of both worlds. The diverse attendance brought plenty of activity to IWG’s booth, especially with the debut of the IWG T-Series Tankless Water Heater being on display for the first time in Europe.

“Many engineers attend the AIX show, and it is a perfect opportunity for them to see and touch IWG’s demo units,” says Giles Lapierre, Director of Sales & Marketing. “The T-Series Tankless Water Heater and IWG’s other aircraft water system components were well received.”

The momentum from the AIX show – including the launch of the T-Series Tankless Water Heater – will continue to the next major European aviation conference; IWG will be exhibiting at EBACE 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland from May 19th – 21st.

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