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How UV light keeps water clean

We’re exposed to ultraviolet light every day. Although it is invisible to the human eye, it’s part of the spectrum that makes up sunlight.”

More than a century ago, scientists discovered that ultraviolet light can render bacteria and viruses harmless to humans. Further research found that a particular range of ultraviolet intensity is the most effective. The development of electronic lamps generating that intensity range led to the widespread use of ultraviolet light to disinfect drinking water.

Unlike chemical treatment, ultraviolet light does not affect the water itself, only the micro-organisms growing in it, so ultraviolet light is found in water treatment plants the world over.

It can also be found on hundreds of aircraft equipped with International Water-Guard’s flight-certified potable water treatment units. Effectively miniature water treatment plants in the sky, our units overwhelm potentially harmful organisms with levels of ultraviolet light beyond the highest drinking water treatment standards.